Rwiza Village Guest House

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Karongi - Kibuye
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Call. +250 789-714-551

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Directions to Rwiza Village

Google maps is misleading. The closest town is Karongi, but Google Maps marks it as Gitesi – its old
name that most locals and even those in Kigali might not recognise. To complicate it further, Karongi
on Google Maps shows either the entire district, or the District HQ Offices that are much further. So if
you want to plot your directions on Google Maps, type in Gitesi (or use the map link below). But
when communicating with locals, we suggest you refer to Karongi.
Express buses connect Karongi town centre to Kigali and Gisenyi. Rwiza Village is approximately
6.4km from Karongi town centre, most of it on a good paved road, and just the last 500m on an
upaved track.
Local transport from Karongi town centre/bus station (marked with a giant notice board arching over
the road adjacent to a prominent roundabout) are local taxis (few) or motos (motorcycle taxis). Taxis
cost about RFr 6000, and motos about RFr 1000 to get to Rwiza Village.