Rwiza Village Guest House


Greeen hills that spread endlessly across the land, red rooftops, and blue sky paint a background to a small bus packed tightly with the smiles of the local people. Dusk falls around Lake Kivu and the fishermen light their torches and sing as they row their boats out on the lake to meet the setting sun.

Rwanda Rwiza. This means "Beautiful Rwanda" in the native Kinyarwanda language. We want to make a place that fits this definition perfectly so everyone can discover the true beauty of Rwanda. But, this enchanting beauty is so much more than just the physical aspect. It must be felt, and it must be experienced.


We want YOU to get more interested with Rwandan Culture. This is why the Rwiza Village Guest House has opened its doors. This is why all the things in Rwiza Village are coming from the local community and has the root of traditional culture . This is why we offer you traditional Rwandan atmosphere. Please come and discover,our philosophy, our service, and your smile here. Be part of our community if you are experiencing issues and concerns about the Rwandan Culture, Visit us in Kibuye and meet other people in the community who share the same interests with you.